Woodworking machinery


GOMAD is a company specializing in producing woodworking machinery, for both Polish and foreign customers. Its history goes back to 1952, so extensive experience is a strong asset of the brand.

The traditional image of the brand has a strong presence in customers’ minds. However, its visual identity did not reflect the innovatory quality of the solutions the company offers. Analysing the history of the brand we understood that we were cooperating with an entity that was not only innovative, but also bold enough to adopt new solutions.

Scraps of history


Hired by the Dobocom agency, we undertook the design of a new visual identity, a logotype, company ephemera and a responsive website for GOMAD. We analysed the history of the graphic mark, how it evolved and changed over the years. We looked for inspiration for the shape of the logotype in what are the closest concepts for the brand: wood, precision and respect for the material.

Our cooperation


Our cooperation with the client brought about a new, minimalist logotype, which on the one hand ties in with the tradition and the previously used symbol, and, on the other hand, strongly emphasises the innovativeness of the brand. Thanks to its simplicity, the symbol is easily reproduced on all advertising media. The natural outcome of the successful rebranding was the introduction of company ephemera, promotional materials and the design of a responsive company website.


The selection of colours for the identification was inspired by the texture of wood and its hues. In effect, a bold rebranding took place, unequivocally pointing at the strengths of the brand: innovativeness and precision.

Scope of work:

  • Rebranding
  • Design of logotype and a new brand book
  • Design of company materials
  • Design of company website


  • dobocom
  • Jelly Solutions – composition of the website


  • Historical photographs: Gomad archives
  • Product photographs and video: dobocom, Intensive Group