Pol’and’Rock Festival

On the 132 pages of “Make love not war” there are photographs taken by Grzegorz Dembiński. These are photographs of young people freed from conventions, taken both in front of the festival stage and as classic portraits in black-and-white or in colour.

The photos cover four editions of the festival between 2007 and 2016. The story told in the photos is supplemented with a narration whose protagonist appears in places presented in the preceding photographs. The whole publication attempts to capture the essence of the cultural phenomenon which the meeting of thousands of young people at Przystanek Woodstock / Pol’and’Rock Festival has been for many years.

Publishing houseZPAF OW. PIX.HOUSE

Distincions: Maribor Photobook Award 2018

Our cooperation

Our cover design is atypical. The title of the book was hand-printed on the card-board cover in acrylic paint, with the use of a graffiti stencil. Thanks to this, each volume is unique.

Scope of work:

  • Graphic concept, cover design, and the book’s graphic design


  • Dariusz Nowak – prepress