The red book

Mariusz Forecki’s book is a story of daily life in present day Russia. The author focuses on society-building techniques based on glorification of militarism and violence, and on constant references to history. The photographs placed in the book were taken in the years 2013-2015 in Moscow and in the Moscow Oblast (province). The book’s cover and its outer edges are intense red, which is intended to bring to mind the famous Soviet passport, “the red book”.

publishing house: ZPAF OW / PIX.HOUSE / Mariusz Forecki

distinctions and nominations: The Bratislava Month of Photography 2016 – an award in the contemporary publication/photography category; distinctions: Fotopublikacja Roku 2016, Grand Press Photo 2016, PHotoEspaña, Athens Photo Festival, Print Control no 6

Scope of work:

  • Graphic concept, cover design and the book’s graphic design
  • Production consulting


  • Dariusz Nowak – prepress