Enable thinking

Cogiteon Science Center will be established in 2022 in Krakow. The usable area of ​​the center will be almost 13,000 square meters. The goal of the creation of Cogiteon is to popularize knowledge by engaging in independent or team experimenting. The activity of the center is to awaken the passion for science, help to understand the world, build an attitude of creativity, openness and the habit of independent thinking.
Cogiteon wants to be a guide around the world, wants to “enable thinking about …” and combine science with art. The theme of the center’s permanent exhibition is a man in a relationship network. The name of the center refers to the Latin word “Cogito” – “I think” and the Greek odeon – a place for music and theater.

Our cooperation

The idea of ​​the unique logo of the science center was born from the combination of the letter C with the recognized sign calling for action – activation. The “play” sign is located in the central place of the Odeon and “enables thinking” about art, nature and science. The use of the play symbol emphasizes the interactive nature of Cogiteon. The logo is complemented by a sphere that can mean an atom, a blood cell, a planet, a human head and emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the center, increasing the dynamics of the sign (animation). The sign allows you to easily show the full spectrum of activities of the science center and at the same time can communicate with various groups of recipients: with children, with young people, with innovators and teachers.
In subsequent stages of cooperation, a complete Cogiteon visual identification system was created.

Scope of work:

  • Branding
  • Design of logotype and the brand book
  • Design of company materials
  • Design of responsive website