The Afghanistan through a woman’s eyes


Witold Krassowski’s book is a story of common people – the Afghans, of their difficult life, relationships, and of the cultural tradition that they cherish. The photographic narration is supplemented with memories, reflections and emotions expressed in the conversation with Noori Habebi.

Publishing house: ZPAF OW / PIX.HOUSE / Witold Krassowski

Distinctions and nominations: Fotopublikacja Roku 2016, Grand Press Photo 2016, Athens Photo Festival, Print Control no 6

Our cooperation

The book talks about the Afghanistan seen through a woman’s eyes. The design of the book’s cover ties in naturally with this story and shows how women in burkas see the world.

Scope of work:

  • Graphic concept, cover design, and the book’s graphic design


  • Dariusz Nowak – prepress