You are what you see

Szymon Brodziak – a maestro of black-and-white photography. The youngest artist and the first Pole whose work has been exhibited at the Museum of Photography / Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. He is inspired by places where he realizes his monochromatic visions. He leaves their interpretation to the viewer by saying “You are what you see”.

Our cooperation

Szymon runs his personal photo galleries in Poznań and Warsaw, which he created in glass-panelled shipping containers, under the influence of his fascination with mobile architecture. We designed a new visual identity for Szymon. We started our work by designing the logotype built on the photographer’s well recognized last name. A natural development from the logotype was designing ephemera and an outdoor sign for the gallery. Following the successful branding, Szymon also decided to commission us to design a responsive website for him.

Scope of work:

  • Branding
  • Design of logotype
  • Design of company materials
  • Design of company website
  • Design of outdoor sign for the gallery