Furniture. Objects. Symbols.

VANK is a Polish brand for technologically advanced office, home and street furniture. The idea for the brand was to start a new trend in Polish design – to become free of imitation and quit chasing short-lived trends.

Art everywhere


Wishing to meet its clients’ high demands, VANK implements the concept of “art everywhere” or, in other words, “circulation of beauty” – from monuments to everyday objects. The underlying concept of our furniture design and construction is unique, modern technical design based on three basic forces: technology, acoustics and form.

Polish design


The brand’s founders’ strategy is strongly rooted in facts. The furniture is crafted by experienced craftsmen and designers with experience in architecture. It is produced in Poland with high use of biodegradable, recycled aluminium.

Our cooperation


Our client’s founding principle is the belief that furniture – intelligently designed three-dimensional objects, produced with modern sustainable technologies – will put the VANK brand in the position of the market leader.
 Our role was to help in achieving this goal – to create the full visual identity for the brand, company ephemera, product catalogues, outdoor business signs for the company’s headquarters, as well as the design for its responsive website.

Human-centred design

For the VANK brand and its customers, what counts is not only sustainability but also minimalism, i.e. production of furniture that is well thought out, “for the people”, and exceptionally durable.

The end users of VANK furniture are creative, independent and demanding people. They are conscious consumers and they pay attention to how and where the product was made. They appreciate the power of good taste and seek uniqueness. It is important for them that the furniture is Polish, and that the quality of work meets world class standards.

Scope of work:

  • Branding
  • Design of logotype
  • Design of company materials
  • Design of company website
  • Design of promotional catalogue
  • Design of a series of product catalogues
  • Outdoor business signs


  • Paweł Paniczko