Driving force


VANK is a Polish brand of technologically advanced furniture for office, home and public spaces. This is a brand that escapes mass production and places importance on emphasising the “personality” of its products. 
VANK introduced another product on the market: the V6 swivel chair. The chair stands out with its pronounced, dynamic style as well as advanced mechanics, which provide for various needs and desires of its different users. It is designed as the driving force and proves that technically advanced products can be developed in Poland. The design team’s inspiration was the rhythm of the city with its modern architecture and dynamic sports cars which delight not only with their line, but also with their performance.

The VANK_V6 chair won the prestigious iF Design Award in the Office product category. The iF Design Award is one of the most influential design competitions in the world. For over 60 years the iF certificate has been recognized as a mark of perfection in design. For designers and manufacturers it constitutes the best quality certificate.

Our cooperation

Our role in creating the launch campaign for the V6 model on the Polish and European market was to attend to the artistic and visual aspects of the commercial video, to prepare the product visualization and the design of the information folder.

Scope of work:

  • Art direction – commercial video
  • Preparing the product visualization
  • Design of the information folder


  • Piotr Frąckowiak – photographs
  • Michał Zachaś – motion design
  • VANK team