Out of passion for wine

Vininova came to life out of passion for wine. It was founded in 2002 and has been consistently building its position on the Polish wine market ever since. Every year the company’s experienced employees test hundreds of wines which may potentially be included in the firm’s portfolio. The outcome of their work is the catalogue of over 700 wines from 120 wineries from almost every part of the world.

Our cooperation

Our client puts strong emphasis on the diversification of the portfolio of the wines on offer. In 2015 Vininova created a premium brand of alcoholic beverages under the name of The Bar Premium Spirits Brands. It has been building its position on the market consistently, by opening franchise shops in and out of Poznań. With the growth of the company came the time to change its website.  
Our cooperation with the client resulted in an elegant and subtle design of a responsive website, which listed not only the multitude of beverages offered by our client, but also the origin of a particular wine and the story of its origin.

Scope of work :

  • Design of a website


  • Vininova


  • Jelly Solutions – composition of the website