We value minimalism. A simple but meaningful concept design message

Who we are

We are a creative studio based in Poznan (Poland), established by Andrzej Dobosz – an aesthetic architect, always in pursuit of the balance between the market-based approach and visual culture, a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience in advertising, and a photographer. Thanks to him our interdisciplinary design studio combines ingenuity with years of experience, and out-of-the-box thinking with utility.
We are a member of the Association of Graphic Designers (STGU) and the Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF).

How we work

We value minimalism. A simple though meaningful message that hits the mark. We believe that effective solutions are founded on discussing and sharing ideas. We love what we do, and so we are not fearful of looking for new, better solutions. We always play fair, so do come and talk to us openly. Even if your brief is not ready yet.
We have worked for large companies: VW, BP, BZWBK, AVIVA, Allegro, Otomoto, Bridgestone, Sitag, VANK, VOX, Polpharma, Goclever, Nickel and many many smaller ones.
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What we do

Our field of activity is broadly understood commercial graphic design. We specialise in designing visual identities for companies, brands, professionals, places, products and events. We like to be in the lead and we can play almost anything, so check out our portfolio
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